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ADT 680 series
Indicatori di pressione digitali di prova WIRELESS


• Precision pressure measurement

• Field gauge calibration

• Pressure safety valve (PSV) testing

• Pressure regulator testing

Specifiche Tecniche

• Model
  ADT680: Regular version
  ADT680W: Data logging and wireless version
  Pressure Type: Gauge and Compound

• Performance
  Accuracy: 0.05%FS, 0.1%FS or 0.25%FS
  Update Rate: 10 times/Sec ,3 times /Sec (default),
  1 time /Sec ,1 time/15 Seconds
  Operating Temperate: 14°F to 122°F (-10°C to 50°C)
  Compensated Temperate: 14°F to 122°F (-10°C to 50°C), accuracy Guaranteed
  Storage Temperature: -4°F to 158°F (-20°C to 70°C)
  Overload Pressure: 1.2X

• Power Supply
  Battery: 2 x AA alkaline (LR6) batteries
  Recommend: Duracell MX1500, EnergizerE91,
  Panasonic LR6, Duracell 15AU
  Usage Period:
  10/Sec:1500Hours; 3/Sec: 3,000Hours;
  1/Sec: 6000Hours; 1/15Sec: 12,000Hours
  Rated Power: 3.0VDC Imax=30mA Pmax=90mW

• Material
  Wetted Surface: All wetted surfaces are 316L Stainless Steel with welded design (no O-ring, thread tape, epoxy, or sealant on any part of the sensor assembly)
  Case: PC+ABS
  Protective Cover: Silicone Rubber (Optional)

• Display
  LCD Specification: FSTN-LCD,Visual scope 36x61mm; Full 5 digits,15.2mm High; 7 segment analog bar graph scaled from 0~100% of FS
  Backlight: White

• Wireless Communication (ADT680W only)
  Wireless Frequency: 2.4G ISM Bands, 20 meter range
  Number of wireless Channels : Chanel 1~15
  Software: Wireless network demo software for free

• Data Logging (ADT680W only)
  Storage Capacity: 140,000 readings(time, pressure, and temperature)
  Storage Interval: Adjustable from 1~9999 Sec 

• Compliances
  Certificates:CE RTTE, FCC ID, IC ID
  Protection Level: IP67
  Vibration: 5g(20~2000Hz)
  Shock resistance: 100g/11ms

• Others
  Dimensions: 100mm x 40mm, total height:157mm
  Weight: 500g
  Fitting: 1/4NPT, G1/4, M20×1.5, or custom-made

• Auto off:
  Disabled,15, 30, 45, 60, 90, 120 Minutes optional.

• Filtering:
  Averaging (3 to 10 samples) or low-pass first-order filter.

• Engineering units: 
  Pa, kPa, MPa, bar, mba, psi, kgf/cm2, mmH2O, mmHg, inH2O, inHg, ozf/in, %, °C, °F. extend units: inH2O(20°C), inH2O(60°F), mmH2O(20°C), mmH2O(15°C), ftH2O(60°F), ftH2O(4°C)

• Backlight Duration:
  Not auto off,15,30,45,60 seconds optional.

• Max/Min data capture: 
  Saves Max and Min data during pressure measurement.

• Key Lockout:
When the gauge is in auto-storing mode, the front panel buttons will be automatically locked.

• Overpressure Alarm:
  Display will flash over 120%FS

• Battery voltage Indicator:
Displays the battery life remaining. When the battery voltage is too low, the gauge will power-off automatically.

• Overpressure Record:
  Gauge will record max pressure data when the gauge is over pressured by 120% of FS.

• Leakage test:
  In leak test mode, the gauge will record beginning pressure, ending pressure, and show the difference ΔP.

• Factory Reset:
  Resets all settings back to factory default, except the calibration parameters.

• Warranty:
  1 year 

     Gauge Pressure

P/N Pressure Range Media[2] Accuracy(%FS) Burst
(psi)[1] (bar)
V15 -15 -1.0 G 0.05(0.1, 0.25)
GP15 15 1.0 G, L 0.05(0.1, 0.25)
GP30 30 2.0 G, L 0.05(0.1, 0.25)
GP100 100 7.0 G, L 0.05(0.1, 0.25)
GP300 300 20 G, L 0.05(0.1, 0.25)
GP500 500 35 G, L 0.05(0.1, 0.25)
GP1K 1,000 70 G, L 0.05(0.1, 0.25)
GP3K 3,000 200 G, L 0.05(0.1, 0.25)
GP5K 5,000 350 G, L 0.05(0.1, 0.25)
GP10K 10,000 700 G, L 0.05(0.1, 0.25)
GP15K 15,000 1,000 G, L 0.05(0.1, 0.25)
GP25K 25,000 1,600 G, L 0.1(0.25)
GP30K 30,000 2,000 G, L 0.1(0.25) 1.5×
GP36K 36,000 2,500 G, L 0.1(0.25) 1.5×

Compound Pressure

P/N Pressure Range Media[3] Accuracy(%FS) Burst
(psi) (bar)
CP15 ±15 ±1 G 0.05(0.1, 0.25)
CP30 15 to 30 -1 to 2 G 0.05(0.1, 0.25)

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